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VT/NH/ME Reciprocal Weekend


Get ready to make your plans! Vermont and New Hampshire and Maine will hold our reciprocal weekend on Jan. 26 -28. Maine has decided to participate this year with VT and NH again but they are calling it a free weekend. See below regarding what you need to ride in each state and links to their own websites. You must follow all state laws when riding in each state, so make sure you know what they are.

Riding in Vermont: Your sled must be registered in a state or province, you must hold liability insurance on your sled and carry it with you, if a driver of a sled was born after July 1, 1983, you must have proof that you have taken a certified safety class in Vermont or the state you reside in or the state the sled is registered in. You must follow all VT laws. Link: Click on Ride in Vermont

Riding in New Hampshire: Your sled must be registered. Your sled must either hold a valid ME registration, or have a current VAST Trail Pass (TMA) from VT which would mean you are legal to ride in VT this season as VT recognizes all state and provincial registrations. You must follow all NH laws. Link:

Riding in Maine: Your sled must be registered and you must follow all Maine snowmobile laws. Link:

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