Green Mtn. Trail Blazers

In the 1970 season a local club was organized for snowmobile enthusiasts to enjoy trails in the greater Manchester Area. Every weekend riders would get together and ride the trails of Green Peak, Mother Myrick and Equinox. The group would ride all day Saturday and Sunday weather permitting, having cookouts and scenic pit stops along the way.  The group would end the season with an annual ride from East Dorset over to Griffith’s lake, a now popular destination for many Green Mountain Trail Blazers riders.

To this day the Green Mountain Trail Blazer’s mission remains the same: to promote the development of recreational areas and marked trails for all members. The support from local property owners allows for the GMTB to encourage participation and practice in the sport of snowmobiling in a safe, courteous, lawful and responsible environment.

Francis Maher and Nancy Lueth’s dedication created a road map, which created the club many are proud to be members of today. They drew out the duties of the club that the officers maintain in their meetings today. The GMTB is open to anyone interested and follows the code of ethics of VAST.

We have contracted, 74 miles, but if you include all of our other trails there are not paid miles we are about 125 miles. 

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