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Approximate Distance: 100 miles Loop 5: Less traveled path of NEK

This is not your typical loop in the NEK!
This is not your typical loop in the NEK!

Travel through an array of sites and trails on this scenic loop. From wide open trails in the deep woods to traversing large tracts of fields and farmland, this loop highlights some of Vermont’s classic landscape.

Where to park (P#1 on map): Shaw’s Parking Lot on US Route 5/Route 105. Exit 28 on I-91 Derby Center, go left and go over interstate. Parking lot is on your right. Additional Parking (P#2 on map): Walt’s Sales and Service on Rte 5.
Distance: Approximately 100 miles
Grooming Club(s): Derby Drift Dusters, Brighton Snowmobile Club, Orleans Snow Stormers, Glover Trail Winders, Country Riders and the North Country Mountaineers
The Route:
From Shaw’s Parking Lot, follow feeder trail to Corridor Trail 105 to OS 7. You have two options, for those that want to skirt across Derby Pond, continue through OS 7 to OS 5 and onto OS 3.
An alternate route around the pond from OS 7 is on 5/105 to OS 2. From OS 2, ride south to OS 3 – this will bring you to Corridor trail 105. Travel approximately 12 miles to OS 61. At this crossroads, you can head towards Norton or Island Pond. This route will take you to Island Pond on Trail 111. Most of 111 is on XXX state land where the speed limit is 35 mph. At EX 29, make a right and head toward EX 26. You will hit Corridor trail 114, stay on 114 all the way towards town (ride through EX 25 – EX 241 – EX 24 – EX 21 – EX 20). At EX 20, head west towards East Charleston on Corridor 5. At OS 15, make a left and head towards Evansville and Barton. At OS 14, make a right onto Corridor 16 and follow to Barton (ride through OS 13 to OS 10 to OS 50). Continue on 16 into West Glover to OS 59. Make a left onto 122 and head towards OS 45. At OS 45, ride North to OS 44. At OS 44, take Corridor trail 58 to OS 29. Go north to OS 74 to Corridor 105. Take Corridor 105 all the way back to Derby – ride through OS 23 – OS 73 – OS 41A – OS 42 - OS 6. Please note the VAST Map shows 105 as 14A between OS 41A & OS 6. It is 105 from OS 29 all the way to OS 6. We will make sure this is changed for next year!!


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