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Loop 2: Glastenbury Mountain & Woodford

Here’s a great afternoon ride if you would like to snowmobile on the less beaten path in one of the most popular areas in southern Vermont. Mileage wise, it’s a short trip, however there are a few scenic spots and spur trails that you may want to take the time to explore.
Where to park: Pine Valley Parking Lot (BN 3 on VAST Map), the parking lot is located on Vermont Route 9, East of Woodford. Make sure you have a full tank of gas and some snacks as services are limited.

Crossing on the VAST Project of the Year – the Shaftsbury Sno-Pilots 66’ steel bridge.
Crossing on the VAST Project of the Year – the Shaftsbury Sno-Pilots 66’ steel bridge.

Grooming Club: Woodford Sno-Busters
The Route: At BN 3, head north on 7A. At BN 6, turn right and continue on 7A to your next intersection at BN 5. Turn Left onto Corridor 7 otherwise known as the Airport Road and head all the way to BN 9. From this point, turn left on C7/F (Kelly Stand Road). I always make a point to ride this trail because there are fewer snowmobilers and it’s not only scenic, there are some fun turns. As you gain elevation, make sure you take the small spur trail known as the Branch Pond Road at BN 65. It’s 2.4 miles of pure excitement. Once you take a break at the end of the road and come down from the rush, it’s time to get back on track. Back on C7/F and heading west, turn left onto BN 19. Follow the Class I grooming to BN 69 where Class IV (4’ wide grooming) begins. I love riding these trails, it’s like taking a step back in time to the good ol’ days when I was learning how to ride and we used to groom with frenchies. Between BN 69 and BN 66, you will cross a 66’ long steel bridge that was recognized by VAST as the “Project of the Year”. The Shaftsbury Sno-Pilots maintain all of the secondary and class IV trails in this area and constructed this impressive structure.
From BN 66, make right at BN 62 (this is a one-way trail) slow down because you may come across some moose tracks in this boggy area. Actually you won’t have much choice on your speed, as you will begin your steep ascent up Glastenbury Mountain. It’s about a mile from the intersection to the tower and the view is worth every minute spent climbing. By the time you get to the tower, your sled will probably need to take a break and it’s time to take in some views. Hopefully you picked a clear day, because after your climb up the tower, you can see into three different states. The Glastenbury fire tower is the only tower in Vermont that you can ride to and the elevation is an impressive 3,750’.
After you take in your views, it’s time to get back in the saddle and head down the mountain. At BN 64, take a left and head to BN 60 which will bring you back to Corridor 7A or the “Glastenbury Loop”. To extend your ride, turn left at BN 60 and go around this fun loop back to Corridor 7 at BN 80. From there, you are back on familiar ground and will head back to the truck on Corridor 7. Remember at BN 5 to turn right to get back to the parking area.

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