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Approximate Distance: 80 miles Loop 1: Close to Home

Now that we are in the planning mode, some of us may need a little direction in where to begin. If you can leave from your door yard, that is always a bonus especially knowing you don’t have to trailer to an access point. Keeping that in mind, let’s start simple. Since I live in Woodbury, I’m going to begin with what’s closest to me. This is a great loop to ride after work or leave first thing Sunday morning – you should be back in time for the race or the start of the game.

Total miles: 80+/-miles
Clubs: Hardwick Snowflake Ridge Runners, Calais Mountain Tamers and the Coles Pond Sledders
Begin in Hardwick (you can park at the KC Hall on VT Route 14 next to D&L Beverage) ride through the village and hop on Corridor 15 on the LVRT and head toward West Woodbury. You will wind and climb through large stands of softwoods and sugarwoods. When you get to WN 49, continue south on Corridor 12 to WN 47 Kents Corners. From there turn left and head towards East Calais on 12/14/C. You will come to another intersection WN 44 – continue straight until you hit WN 32, which is Corridor 14. Take 14 towards East Calais and follow the old rail trail through Woodbury to CA 52. Turn right and head on Corridor 15 to CA 80 (there’s a Y in the trail and 15 will take you to Cabot if you veer right). You will follow a powerline and then onto some class IV roads and cross several large open fields. After you cross VT Route 15, you will come to your next intersection CA 94. Turn right onto C15B and head towards Walden until you reach the LVRT CA 113. Follow the LVRT to CA 112 which is located in a field adjacent to VT Route 15. This is a three-way intersection. Head back towards the LVRT (do not cross route 15) and go underneath the LVRT bridge on 15. You will ride a few more miles to CA 53. Take a left onto C15 (old Duke Road and Steam Mill Brook Wildlife management area – fun trail!) to CA 57 (near Coles Pond). Turn left onto Corridor 15A back towards Hardwick. Take the LVRT at CA 65 around Greensboro Bend on F14 towards Hardwick to CA 56. At CA 56 go straight through the intersection (if you turn right, you will head north on Corridor 14) and head back to the village. While you are there, you can stop and grab some pizza at the House of Pizza and fuel up. It’s a fun loop, however note there aren’t any places for gas along the way, so make sure you have a full tank of fuel and bring some trailside snacks. 

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