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Zero Alcohol: Your Smart Choice in Safe Snowmobiling Zero Alcohol Program

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This peer supported program is designed to promote making smart choices before and while snowmobiling by choosing to ride 100% alcohol free.

As we all know, there are so many positives in snowmobiling, especially when it’s done safely. In observance of International Snowmobile Safety Week, VAST and the law enforcement community launched a media event that emphasized snowmobile safety and asked snowmobilers to make responsible choices before and during their time on the trails. The tragic events that have taken the lives of seven snowmobilers is a serious issue and it is imperative that we all take this matter to heart and practice safe and responsible actions while snowmobiling.

The International Association of Snowmobile Administrators (IASA) recently released the Zero Alcohol Campaign. This peer supported program is designed to promote making smart choices before and while snowmobiling by choosing to ride 100% alcohol free. This is not an enforcement program and was not designed to change any current legislation, this is a peer-to-peer recommendation that advocates a clear and consistent ‘no alcohol’ approach before and while operating a snowmobile. It’s about making a responsible personal choice not to consume any alcohol while snowmobiling.

The VAST Responsible Riding & Safety Education Committee and the Board of Directors unanimously voted to support the Zero Alcohol Campaign and will be incorporating the program contents in the VAST safety program. This includes advocating the Zero Alcohol, Your Smart Choice to Safer Snowmobiling, message in our publications, brochures, website and trails program. As mentioned earlier, this is not a law enforcement program or intended to change any current legislation; this is a peer-to-peer recommendation that riding alcohol free is your smart and safe choice when snowmobiling.

Zero Alcohol promotes a positive message to the snowmobiling community and the general public that every snowmobiler takes the personal responsibility of choosing to ride 100% alcohol-free at all times. It sets an example to all riding companions to practice Zero Alcohol as part of their own regular safe riding practices. Snowmobiling takes place in a non-engineered and unpredictable natural setting where riders are presented with a greater range of potentially dangerous variables. By choosing to ride alcohol free, you are making a smart choice to safer snowmobiling. Snowmobiling and alcohol do not mix, ride alcohol free and return home safely from a great day of snowmobiling.

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