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Data is available in GPX format GPS Data Available!

Image GPS Data Available!

Finally – good news on the GPS front!

GPS Update

Thanks to the efforts of Bob Gagliuso of Northern Cartographic, the GPS Intersection data is available on the Vermont Center for Geographic Information website in GPX format. Click here for access information.

GPX, which is the GPS Exchange Format, has become the standard for delivering GPS and GIS data to consumer-grade GPS receivers. GPX files provide a common file format for most consumer grade GPS receivers including most recreational grade units. In order to utilize the data, users will need software that will provide for the upload of the GPX to their GPS units. Typically, such software is provided with the GPS unit, but if not, there are many software packages available for free download. VAST will not provide support for, or recommend any particular software for these purposes. However, EASYGPS ( was used to test the data and upload to hand held GPS receivers.

By the beginning of the season, the GPS data will be available on our website to all VAST members. At this time, the available data will include waypoints for Intersections only. The file has been submitted to Northern Cartographic and we will be conducting some field checks to ensure the data is correct and the transfer process went smoothly. We will continue to research options in finding a universal application for the trail data. As I mentioned in my latest Trail Tracks article, this is still a work in progress.

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Safety Classes

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