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FY11 Construction Grants

Construction Project Paperwork Deadline

Tis the season for construction projects, installing signs and preparing the grooming equipment for the 2010-2011 season.  Clubs participating in the VAST grant-in-aid program will need to submit their final paperwork by December 15th.  If this deadline can not be met, a written request for an extension may be made to Alexis or Matt. 

Clubs with those pesky last minute trail closures or changes may submit an emergency application please note to use the standard construction application.

Questions - contact Alexis at ext 13.

Construction Projects

Another year of expensive projects and less funding is the theme for this year’s FY11 Construction grant-in-aid program. The VAST Office received a total of 153 project applications and over $600,000 worth of construction and maintenance work on the Statewide Snowmobile Trails System. The budget for this year’s program is $385,500 which is approximately 65% less than what was originally requested. Matt and I reviewed the grant-in-aid applications by each category beginning with bridge re-decking and trail relocation projects which were on the forefront of approval for this year’s program. There are a total of 122 maintenance projects with $191,000 set aside in this budget and 31 construction projects with $194,500 set aside in this budget. Some of the construction applications were cut back and the amount was based on the information submitted, the priority ranking of the project, cost, location, level of work and the number of project applications submitted by each of the VAST Clubs. The majority of the bridge and trail relocation projects have been approved (pending the completeness of the application and the information provided) with safety concerns and removal of trail from a plowed highway trailing behind in the priority ranking. Many of these projects have been approved with a lower amount of funding in order to accommodate more projects, spread the funding across the trails system and cover the wide range of projects under the current classification system. Last year, concerns were raised about this method of project approval and it was decided that the lower priority projects needed to be done. In order to accomplish this financially, we had to cut back on the approval amount.

Project Stats
• 57 of the 153 applications are for bridge re-decking and installation projects, of the 57 projects, 45 applications were approved and 35 of the 45 were approved for the full amount.
• 15 of the 153 applications are for trail relocation projects due to trail closures.
• 7 projects had an estimate of $10,000 or more and will require an on-site review by the Trails Team.
• 4 of the 153 projects will be funded through the Forest Service Cost Share agreement with VAST.
• 9 applications were denied.
• 21 applications are considered pending. They ranked lower on the project priority list and will be considered this fall after we have a better understanding of the actual project cost.
• 65 projects were cut back.

There were a total of 35 debrushing applications totaling over $65,000 with $35,000 available in the program. After reviewing each project application, it was determined that in order to fund the debrushing work, we had to cut each project back by 35%.

Safety Classes

Safety Classes

Save the money and/or the hassle of dealing with sending/faxing proof that on Safety Classes


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