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"Just for Kids!!!"

This section of the VAST website is dedicated to providing information to our Kids that will allow them to become "Safe Riders." Here you will find the latest safety information for Kids, information that will entertain them, but at the same time teach them about safe snowmobiling. They are the future of our sport!

You will also find links that will aid in finding out who needs to take a "Snowmobile Safety Education Course," and where and how to participate in one of those courses. Please let us know if there is information that you believe should be included in this section.

Educating our children about "Safe Snowmobiling" will make our goal a reality: "Safe Riders: you Make Snowmobiling Safe!"

View Safety Courses by region

View Safety Courses by region

Anyone born after July 1, 1983, and who is 12 years of age and older, must complete and pass a six-hour safety course. read on View Safety Courses by region


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It is our goal to provide a statewide snowmobile trails system second to none and provide a quality snowmobiling experience to our members.